Installation instructions

These instructions are no substitute for your service manual.

Remove your rocker arm cover, make sure your cam is on the base circle and that neither valve is open or under pressure.
Loosen the two breather bolts, loosen all four bolts holding down the cam support plate a little at a time going from bolt to bolt, gently letting off the pressure.
The Rocker Lockers go on the right side of the bike looking forward, this is the carburetor/fuel injected (air cleaner) side. There are four Rocker Lockers in the kit, two for each cylinder, or one for each rocker arm shaft.

Rocker Lockers now come with a alignment centering tool, before installing the Rocker Lockers, it is important to align the rocker arm shaft. Insert the alignment tool and gently tap it down past the rocker arm shaft to align the slot in the shaft.  Remove the tool with a pair of pliers or tap it on through using the bolt.

Look into the bolt hole and make sure the shaft is aligned and not rotated.

centering tool

centering tool 2

Now you are ready to install the Rocker Lockers.

The Rocker Lockers can be installed on the bench or on the bike.

On the bench is the preferred method.
On the bench you can use the rocker support plate bolt and the nut with washer and pull the lockers in.

Put a little oil or grease on the Rocker Locker before installation.

Remember they are tapered, will only go in one way, put the small end in the hole.



On some bikes the rocker arm plate is hard to remove, In that case installing them on the bike is an option if you use caution.

On the bike, you do not have to remove the plate, but it needs to be loose so that the Rocker Lockers can center the plate when it is tightened, it also takes the pressure off the shaft so that is can turn and let the Rocker Lockers pull past.

Pull a bolt out of the right side of the plate, (facing forward on the bike) this is the side that locks the shaft.

Insert the alignment centering tool and gently tape it in past the rocker arm shaft. Pull the tool out with a pair of pliers.

Look into the bolt hole and make sure the rocker arm shaft is aligned and not rotated.
Insert the Rocker Locker in the hole; they are tapered, put the small end in the hole.
Insert the bolt, if there are not enough threads going into the head, (at least a quart of an inch+) then pull the bolt out and insert a rocker cover bolt and gently tap it down a quarter inch or so.

The bolt is important as it centers the shaft, and puts even pressure on the Rocker Locker.


Replace that bolt with the rocker plate bolt, and gently tighten up the bolt, it will pull the Rocker locker into place. Loosen that bolt, and do the second bolt the same way. Loosen that bolt and you are ready to install your plate according to you factory manual for final installation and torque specifications.
Remember to give your lifters time to bled down before rotating your motor to do the second head or you can damage your valve train.

You should not have to remove your adjustable pushrods; however you might want to re-adjust them afterwards.

As with any engine work keep all surfaces clean and use a oiled q-tip or rag to clean up any foreign objects before re-assembly.
If you ever need to remove the lockers just use a punch and tap them out, they are usually reusable.

Remember the Rocker Lockers will not quiet noisy lifters, noisy chains, tensioners or bearings.

Rocker lockers keep the shaft from rotating and hitting the cam plate bolt.